Monday, June 30, 2008


Hello all. Here are some more pictures of Reggie. He is an annoying little dog sometimes, but he sure is cute, lucky for him. At least he quickly learned how to "go" outside. He has yet to learn, or at least he doesn't acknowledge, his name.

After his first crate experience, which led to his first bath, he was not happy.

He really likes the grass.

He also seems to like JJ's tore up shoes, which means he clearly lacks a sense of smell.

His cute little tail.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maybe he is a little impulsive....

So after the dog disappointment JJ was pretty bummed. But when I got off work I walked in and JJ stood there looking guilty and guess what was sitting on my couch. He just can't help himself. I told him to look excited so I could get a picture to blog. He is now out getting a dog dish and stuff. Since we weren't even supposed to have a dog yet. Yeah. We weren't quite ready. And it isn't a chocolate lab, but he saw it and wanted it. I apparently now have a dog. Sigh.

So without further adieu, let me introduce Reginald Arthur Hendrick Billingsly.


So, as I have blogged before, JJ and I decided to get the chocolate lab. We found the perfect breeder and JJ was going to be picking up Lilly and nearby it in a couple weeks. There were the perfect puppies to choose from available right then. JJ made arrangements with the breeder, she e-mailed him photos of the puppies, he said he would mail a deposit.

So two days later (yesterday) he called and said he was mailing the deposit, but the stupid breeder had already received enough deposits for all the puppies and we were too late. It is annoying because she must have told a lot of people they could have puppies and just grabbed the first deposits that came in. Lame! They were the only breeders around that had what we wanted so now I am not sure what to do. JJ is really disappointed and I actually am too. Those puppies were perfect.

Again, there are fires everywhere and the sky is filled with smoke. Not a blue spot in sight, just brown smoke. Everyone is being told to stay indoors, but poor JJ works in an open shop so although right above him is ceiling, he is right next to an open bay and fully exposed to all the smoke. I am hoping my work will close the patio so no one has to work in this.

But all is well, just the dog thing is disappointing. Hoping Mom and Richard are having a good time in Carmel.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I have some pictures!

Here are some pictures I got. A couple really good ones of Brynn and a couple of Johnny that were favorites.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Where there's smoke....

So as you may or may not know the Governator has declared a state of emergency up here in Butte County. There is a huge fire that is engulfing a large area near Chico. Very near Chico. They are worried Paradise and Butte College might go down. Actually they put up a fire control base up at Butte College, except as of yesterday, the base was on fire. I guess they have so far protected the campus. I am trying to find out what is going on with Paradise, but I can't find anything updated past last night.

Of course the air is filled with smoke, you could see it coming yesterday, but today it is everywhere. For some reason, they are calling it the Humboldt fire, which makes no sense.

My house is on the other side of Chico, and I am very grateful for that.

JJ changed his mind and decided he wanted the Rott instead of the Lab, then he changed it back again to the Lab. It is looking like the lab for sure now, because he came up with some really good reasons for it. Either way, I guess I am getting a dog. Sigh.

Anyway, I will see you all on Sunday (I hope all of you will be there). I am excited, I like the April/June/whatever we call it party.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hello all. Just to be clear, Lilly will not be home for her birthday because she is going with her mom, that is why we are having a small, family, birthday party for her on Saturday. She IS going to be there for the June party. Her birthday isn't until June 21.

Also, the dog thing is not for sure. I just know everyone, even mom, says JJ should have his dog, and I am just trying to avoid a Rottweiler.

Anyhow, Lilly is sick today (she should be better by Sunday I would think) so I am gonna go sit with her for awhile.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So for a few months now JJ and I have had this battle being waged over a dog. Yes, a dog. JJ loves dogs and has wanted one for years. I have had it with having pets for a looong time and don't want a dog. It is not that I don't like dogs, because I do. It is just that I am content with not having a dog or a cat after my experiences with the cats. I don't want to deal with it.

But, JJ loves dogs so much. He has wanted one for years, his dad used to breed and train dogs so he always had dogs as a kid, and feels he is missing something by not having one. Knowing this, I finally told him at some point soon he could get a dog, as long as he was responsible for it pretty much completely. Well, that is when he dropped the other shoe: the dog he wants more than anything else is a Rottweiler. NO! They are big and aggressive. Why something so powerful? I felt that just the fact I was willing to get a dog was compromise enough!

We have gone back and forth, mainly with humorous myspace comments, in an endless dog battle. I thought a nice chocolate lab would be a good compromise. They are good-looking dogs and still big, but not aggressive. But no, that was not good enough, if he couldn't get the dog he wanted, he didn't want one at all. Blah blah blah.

But then something magical happened. He happened upon a picture of an English-style chocolate lab. Pictures of what they look like are above. Way way back in the day this breed of dog was mixed with a Rott so they have some of its blocky-head and stocky-body features, but with the temperament of a lab! So we decided we will probably end up getting ones of these. There is a breeder in central California that JJ is supposed to talk to tonight.

I don't want a dog. But we are getting married and compromise has to be part of it. I think we both won the battle, I hope anyway.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Meh, the diet.

Hello all! Well, today I go back to dieting. I took a break because I knew I wouldn't be able to continue for too long how I was doing, and I wanted to do it slower. I gained 3 pounds back in the last two weeks, but I think most of that was water weight because I had stopped drinking a bunch of water. So I should lose it fast I hope.

Today is Monday so it is my day off. I am going to get some housecleaning done and finish my book. This Saturday we are having a little birthday party for Lilly because her mom is taking her for her birthday, which is the 21st. She'll be in San Diego for a couple weeks. Caelah wanted her for 5 weeks, but JJ said no way, so he and his brother Paul will go visit his Uncle in Oxnard (which is near LA) for the 4th of July and meet up there. Then next Sunday is of course the June party which I am looking forward to. Let's see, last time I heard strawberries and soda is what I needed to bring, right? Let me know.

That is about it. I need to take a shower, then find something low cal and healthy to eat.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation!

Sigh, of course the diploma is covering her face, not a bad picture of Mrs. Penman though....

Well, yesterday Lillyanne officially graduated from Kindergarten. Time does go fast! And yes, I had to sit through the graduation ceremony, but at least I had Mandy next to me to mock the children. Quietly though, because Lillyanne's Grandma was on the other side of me. JJ took his lunch break to be there also. There was singing and an alphabet poem and more singing and all the names called, from all of the kindergarten classes.... Yeah, it was pretty much endless. We are very proud of Lilly! This is a big deal, on to first grade now. Too bad, I liked her in afternoon kindergarten, she didn't have to be there until 11....

She's a ham.

Lilly's Uncle Zev. He and Lilly were in the same kindergarten class, which is mainly why Lilly's Grandma was sitting next to me during the graduation. They are Jehovah Witnesses so during their "Grand Old Flag" routine, where the kids were singing and doing a little routine, he had to stand there with his head down. It was really sad. I wanted to get a picture of it, but Mandy told me no.

Lilly and her friend after graduation. They were very happy.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Most people don't like Mondays because it is the beginning of the work week, but Monday Sierra Nevada is closed so I looooove Mondays. Lately all of us that had moved up to train in a new position (like me at the bar) have been doing our old jobs. The time we spent at new ones was just to train for when we move up for good. It should be soon, but I am tired of bussing. Therefore, Thank God It's Monday!

I am mailing out the invitations today, so you all should be getting them soon. Mandy had ordered her dress a while back and all she got in the mail was a receipt. Sigh, thanks David's Bridal. She is upset because she doesn't think the receipt is big enough for her and it is the wrong color, ha! People have been getting the shower invitations and I have heard a lot of comments about how cute they are, Mom did an awesome job.

So today on my lovely day off I am going to go to lunch with Mandy and Lisa. Then I am going to to run some errands, like mailing the invitations.

Well, I wrote all of that hours ago. Now the invitations are mailed and lunch is over. Hope everyone's day has been good.