Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here goes the hippie rant

Hello all. Sorry no blog for a few days, I just don't have much going on. Actually I still don't have anything to say. I promised a hippie rant a while back, so this is it:

First a disclaimer, THIS RANT STEREOTYPES! In the same way you cannot generalize a whole group of people, this rant focuses on the annoying 20-something hippies that hang out in Chico doing nothing but being worthless. I am willing to accept there are hippies that are not like this and are actually very nice people.

Reasons I can't stand hippies:

1. Hippies are judgmental and hypocritical.
Isn't part of the hippie mantra that they are so open minded? Yeah, open minded until you disagree with them or eat a cheeseburger. Yeah, McDonald's is killing the rain forest. They also make a tasty cheeseburger. The hippies are worse than the Christian right. At least the Christian right knows they are judgmental. The hippies say they are not, but they are. Hypocrites.

2. Hippies are lazy.
There is nothing more annoying than having a 24-year-old able-bodied person sitting on the street playing the bongo drums and asking me for spare change.
"Hey, do you, like have any spare change." ::insert badly playing bongo drumming::
"Yes, I do. Because I have a job. No, you can't have any."
It is one thing for the Vietnam vet with no legs to ask me for money. I'll give that guy money. But the people that are perfectly capable of working that are just lazy? No.
Why do they say they don't work? Oh yeah, they are way too cool to conform to society's norms man.....
But by taking money from working people that do conform to society's norm, they are part of society, they are just the lowest part. The part that takes money from hard-working people because they are lazy. Or think they are too good to work in a low end job. I respect the guy working at Burger King a whole lot more.

Disclaimer: People that stay home and raise children and care for the house do not count as the lazy unemployed. Their job is full-time and a lot harder than what I do.

3. Hippies are ruining the environment.
Yes, they are. People that recycle and care for the environment are doing a good, right thing. Hippies that lecture you about organic food and sustainability make me want to club a baby seal with raw meat, then fill landfills with styrofoam cups. Out of spite, no one wants to do what a hippie tells them to. So people that are just trying to do the right thing are put in a position of agreeing with hippies and annoying people. It'd be like if I was having a debate with someone on
any old subject, and suddenly the most annoying idiot on Earth walks up and sides with me. No! Don't agree with me! You are just making me look bad!

4. Hippies really are dirty.
They are, really.

5. Hippies nowadays are just a "cool" clique that pretends to care about things, but just want an excuse to party with other hippies.
Back in the '60s and '70s hippies protested against the war, they protested about the unfair treatment of women and black people. They were young and idealistic but they were genuinely trying to do something that would change the world for the better. Not anymore. Hippies do not make a difference. They don't even try. They are as bad as cheerleaders in high school that all have to wear the cool clothes and have the right hair-do. It's just different clothes and dreadlocks now.

I am sure I have more to say on this, but that is all I can think of right now. Am I being to harsh on hippies? No.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bar shifts and annoying people

Hello all. So today I had my first bar shift and it was really fun. More importantly I am not so sore and exhausted from bussing I could drop. Nice!

I have realized about me that I really dislike inane conversations with people I don't know. It is fine at work for the most part, because it is part of customer service to pretend you care and to be polite. It's other times. I wonder if I have become really impatient or if I just dislike most people. I think it is just that I am not overly social unless I know people, and it makes me uncomfortable to try and make small talk. So the discomfort turns into irritation.

Case in point: I got of work today and was still in my work clothes and I stopped at Safeway to buy some dinner food. A man saw I was wearing an apron and asked me what aisle tuna was on. I pointed at the "Sierra Nevada" logo my apron has and told him I didn't work at Safeway. He apologized, I said no problem. OK, that should have been the end. There was no reason for he and I to continue to converse. But....

Annoying Guy: Oh Sierra Nevada! I'd rather be there!
Me: ::fake laugh:: Yeah, I wouldn't. (Yes, annoying guy, I am sure you'd rather be at the brewery out to dinner than grocery shopping. I am so glad you pointed that out.)
Annoying Guy: Hehe! I bet. I know a guy over there, names Gracin, he works there too! Do you know him?
Me: (inward groan) Uh.... no, I don't. Does he work in the kitchen? Because I work on the floor, and I don't know all the kitchen guy's names.
Annoying Guy: No, no! He works with you! Gracin! You know, Gracin!
Me: Uh, no sorry, I don't know Gracin.
Annoying Guy: Are you sure? Gracin Ford?
Me: Well, there is a Nolan Ford....
Annoying Guy: Yeah! Nolan! That's Gracin's brother! I mixed them up because they're brothers! I know Gracin!

OK, so now what am I supposed to say? Wow! You know the brother of someone that I work with once in a while and vaguely know! We're practically related! Why was I involved in that incredibly pointless conversation? Why couldn't he have just gone and found his tuna?

So then I go to the checkout stand.

Annoying Clerk who really should know better: Oh, Sierra Nevada, do you know Sean Alexander?
Me: ::sigh:: No, I don't.
Annoying Clerk who really should know better: He is one of the guys that comes in and cleans up after you all leave!
Me: Oh, yeah, they come in after we all leave so I don't know him.
Annoying clerk who really should know better: Well, it's no loss! He is a goofy guy! Really goofy! Now, Bob, he's also on clean up, nice guy. He is about 6'2, wears glasses.
So I nod and smile and think "I DON'T CARE." What am I supposed to do? Stay late at work one night, look for a tall guy with glasses and ask if he knows some clerk whose name I don't remember at Safeway?


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all! Lilly had a successful morning of egg hunting. The Bunny hid the eggs in some silly places. We have a video, Lilly was very excited. Very. It was really cute. Hope everyone is also having a good day.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Lilly lost her first top tooth! It is actually the third tooth she has lost, but the other two were bottom ones. The first one she lost has grown back an adult tooth, so she is going fast.
The tooth fairy has been generous.

Tomorrow we are going to dye Easter eggs so the bunny can hide them.

In other news, Caelah did not come up the day she was supposed to because she wanted to put in her two weeks at work and give her roommate time to find a new one, which makes sense. So she is going to Sacramento on Monday for a week to look for a job, then back down to San Diegofor two weeks. Then, I guess she is moving up at that point. Whatever.

Not much else going on. My friend Lisa and I worked on invitations yesterday and tried to work on centerpieces but we ran out of time.

Today the daycare closed for Good Friday, which is weird, and Lilly is on Spring Break so she and I are hanging out. She will have to go to JJ's work for a while this afternoon because I have to work. Luckily his work is very nice about that sort of thing. For now we are each playing on a computer, and then we are going to go see Mandy and get some lunch.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Randomness

I saw that Mom put links to other blogs at the bottom of her page so I did that too so it will be easier for people to go from page to page. It also made me notice that Liz had a blog, which I didn't realize so that is neat.

So, I found Dr. Mario online (I'll send you the link Mom) and Lilly saw me playing it and apparently recognized it from her Grandma's house. Just to clarify, Caelah's parents have a son that is two weeks younger than Lilly. Caelah and her mom were pregnant at the same time, er, obviously I guess. His name is Zev and Lilly is in the same class at school with him. Anyway, now when I mention her playing with her Uncle Zev it won't sound creepy and weird because he is also 5. So I guess Zev plays Dr. Mario and Lilly was very excited to see that I knew the game as well and was better at it than Zev. So, I told her, and this is for you Mom, "I am very good at it. I used to play all the time with Grandma Vicki, and I beat her EVERY TIME." She, of course, believed me. Bwhahahahaha. Now I may have to go beat little Zev and make him cry.

Oh, so if you want a laugh go on youtube and look up "Running with the Devil, vocal track." It is the actual vocal track used in the song, but without any music behind it. Basically it is David Lee Roth screaming and making the most random noises and it is hysterical. You don't notice in the song how funny it is, but you will now. For those of you too young to know Van Halen's Running with the Devil, yeah.... go listen to your new-fangled music. Which sucks. Ha!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stuff and Things

Good evening. I thought I'd do a quick blog before bed. I don't have much to say. I am hungry. I ate before work, but I am hungry again. There isn't much point in eating right before I go to bed but I want to anyway. A typical internal struggle that will probably lead me to eat, then feel bad about it. Oh well.

Today I made good tips. It helped that I had a large party of very intoxicated 21-year-old boys that wanted me to go to a bar with them after work. I laughed and said no, but they still gave me $20 for bussing their table. That was nice.

Let's see, I have no more random thoughts at the moment. I think I am going to go eat.... I mean go to bed.... or eat. I haven't decided.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Turtles and things

Hello everyone! So, again, not a whole lot going on here. Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day which means in Chico everyone goes downtown in green and drinks a lot. In my case we went downtown and my friend Jimmy drank too much immediately (poor guy never drinks so he wasn't prepared for what an Irish Car Bomb will do, or four, whatever) so our day ended mercifully early. So then we just went to my house and looked up stupid videos on youtube. I was in bed nice and early. Perfect. I'm too old for that stuff anyway.

Tonight I have to work, and a week from today I have my first bartending shift, so that should be fun, and hopefully lucrative. I have spend most of today cleaning up my cluttered house. After work I am going to get back to my book.

Well, Mary has already done a whole post on turtles so I thought I post my turtle story. My friend Mandy got two turtles a couple of days ago to put in her little pond in her yard. Their names are Barney and Betty. They are neat-looking, kind of big and stupid. Anyway, the problem is that all they ever do is, uh, mate. Constantly. Whenever one of us go over to look at the turtles Barney is on top of Betty. At first we weren't sure what was going on (maybe they are siamese turtles), but it quickly became clear they were, well, yeah, mating. Barney must either be real clumsy and awkward, or a stud, we aren't sure. Either way, well, it's funny.

So people have asked about wedding plans. We have things pretty under control. We found a beautiful place to have it up here. It'll be August 16 and I really hope everyone can make it. We found a reasonably-priced caterer that does BBQ. JJ and I went to a wedding last summer with the same caterer and it was good. I have a dress, we have a photographer and a DJ. Next I need to deal with invitations. Mom and I are trying to figure out if asking people to RSVP by e-mail or phone would be tacky. Mom got a wedding invitation with that kind of RSVP and it was fine, so I am thinking that is what I am doing. Frankly, despite the savings in not buying RSVP envelopes and return stamps (which really isn't much), it will be much easier for me to organize everything with e-mail. I am on the computer all the time. I can save everyone's e-mail a lot easier than a bunch of paper RSVPs that will just end up cluttering my house even more. If anyone gets offended I'll say it is environmentally irresponsible to waste paper, which will make me sound like a hippie and that sucks, but oh well.

Someday I will have to post a rant against hippies blog.

So anyway, this week my friend Lisa is going to help me figure out centerpieces. I think we have picked out bridesmaid dresses, but I am not 100%, so I need to do that probably this week. So far so good though.

Well, this has been a long blog filled with turtle sex and hippie-bashing so I guess I will leave it that way and go do some more laundry!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boring Day

I have found the problem with blogging is that I may have nothing to say. So I have decided to put this picture up because it made me laugh.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Before anyone asks, the picture at the top of the blog is one I took while JJ, Lilly and I were playing with Play-Doh. And before anyone says it, that figure was not one Lilly made, it was mine. Yes, it looks like the artistic level of a five-year-old, but we all know that is about where I stand anyway. JJ the show-off made some ridiculous 3-D fish pond with swimming turtles and a waterfall, but I don't really see the relevance in displaying such artwork when we have my scary purple guy.

My first blog

So, I decided to start one of these because everyone else's look so fun. A couple of months ago I also started a myspace, but that has turned in to my friends and I sending each other the most disturbing images we can find legally and horrifying each other. That is fun and all, but I like these blogs too because it is a way for everyone to easily catch up every one else on daily life. I wish we all saw each other more.

Anyway, tonight JJ has a show and I have to work so Lilly is spending the night with Lynne (JJ's mom). She is buying Lilly a soccer ball because she has decided to take up soccer. There is a child's league in town that let's the little ones learn to play without it being too competitive, so it should be fun.

In other news, Lilly's mom Caelah is moving up to Sacramento tomorrow. She hasn't seen Lilly in several months, but she'll now be living a lot closer, and staying with her very stable Aunt Kay. I am trying to stay positive although it annoys me a little that she gets to blow back in after all this time like a hero when I have dealt with all the hard stuff. Oh well.

So, that is all. I tend to get obsessive with computer matters, so I will probably be on here a lot. READ MY LIFE AND LIKE IT!! Bahahahahhaha!!