Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sorry it has been so long, every time I blog I realize there is something I need to be doing, so I just get lazy. This week JJ has shows from today until Saturday, plus he works all day, so I guess I'll see him Sunday. I have the night off work so Lilly and I are here. I promised to play this princess board game with her yet again, but I told her she had to wait (I needed a break).

Not too much else going on besides wedding planning and work. Lilly starts 1st grade on the 13th of August and I start the graduate program on the 25th.

Reggie continues to grow. He has more than doubled in size. He is sweet boy for sure, very affectionate and happy to be around people. One more round of shots in a few weeks and I can be free from the fear he will contract parvo and die. I want to take him to the park and creek but it is too scary until he is protected.

That is about all for now family. Anyone have any song requests or ideas for the wedding? I'd love to hear them!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Shower and Being Forgetfull

So, I woke up this morning and finally the nagging feeling I had been forgetting something came to a head. I remembered! I forgot to wish Ernie a Happy Birthday on Saturday. Argh! I feel horrible! Why is my memory for birthdays so terrible?!?!?! That being said, I am sorry Ernie, and Happy Birthday and I love you!

I want to say thanks to everyone for the wedding shower. The amount of detail put into it was amazing. I am blessed to have such a caring family. So to Mary and Sarah, I can't thank you enough! The gift baskets were amazing! The little favors were adorable. The decorations were perfect, and the games were really fun. Tell Nate thanks for adding the last two questions, lol. And thanks to everyone for taking the time to drive so far to be there.

Anyway, I have thank you cards coming to everyone, but I wanted to do a quick blog too.

Sorry Ernie! I suck!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

When did Lilly get so big?

I was going through some pictures and it just struck me how big Lilly has gotten. It is so weird how fast she went from diaper butt to toothless first grader. So here are some photos of the early years for anyone that is interested.

Lilly used to try and close herself in the cupboard. We, of course, encouraged this.

Obligatory cake-on-the-face picture. I believe this was her second birthday.
Lilly the drummer.

The pictures cracks me up. We actually have various pictures of Lilly passed out on things, but this is my favorite.
One pigtail came out....
The angry, brooding princess.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Saturday

Hello all. Not much to say here. The air is still filled with smoke, but it appears to have gotten a little higher up and it isn't raining ash anymore.

Reggie is growing and growing. I think he gets bigger everyday. He is a good little dog. He likes to sleep under my chair when I am on the computer (like now). He is doing really well at being potty trained and even recognizes his name now (although he doesn't always respond).

Today Lilly has a birthday party to go to for a girl at her daycare. I have to work later and JJ, well, not sure what his plan is.

A week from today is the shower and I am very excited for that. Lilly, of course, can't wait to go so I hope that Ryan is there.

That is about all, just wanted to say hello. JJ and I are going to work on eating some lunch now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy Summer

I can't help but notice that I am apparently getting married in less than two months. Actually six weeks from yesterday. Wow. And the bridal shower is in two WEEKS from yesterday! Holy moly! I am very excited for that, it is going to be a lot of fun!

So, I guess I am getting to be getting ready. Meaning I am sort of ready. It appears all my bridesmaids have their dresses. Lisa found a place that is altering hers for only $25, I hope Regina found a similar deal for Ally's. All the male members of the wedding have gotten fitted for tuxes except for Dan, Robert and Dree (but Dree is going Wednesday). I gave Robert all the info, but I still need to bug Dan, he is just in the middle of moving. I have my dress (well it is ready and in Napa anyway), headpiece and jewelery. I am going to see Lynne tomorrow to figure out how my hair will be.

We have centerpieces worked out, we just need to pick up all the pieces and make them, but that doesn't look too hard, we already made one. I need to order a cake, but all the places I talked to said I could order a couple weeks in advance and be fine. We have a DJ and a Pastor picked out, both friends of JJ's family, but we still need to talk to them and work out details.

Tables, chair, wine glasses etc are ordered and the delivery set up. The caterer will be talking to me in a couple weeks for a final head count. The photographer is paid. Oh wow, sorry this has turned into a list of things you don't care about, I'll stop now.

Anyway, point is that everything is happening really soon. I am just excited for the shower now, that isn't even stressful, that will just be fun!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth (A Day Late)

Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July. JJ is out of town at his Uncle's in Southern California picking Lilly up, so I didn't go to the fireworks. Instead a couple friends and I went to see "Get Smart" at the movie theater. It was a slapstick, silly comedy and it was pretty funny, I am glad we went. I left Reggie out in the backyard during it and I think he has forgiven me. He's busy chewing on the chair leg I am sitting on right now, or he was until I just stopped him.

Anyway, not much else going on here. I have to work this evening, I think my friend Jimmy is going to come keep an eye on the dog. He has math homework he can do here.

My friend Lisa finally got her bridesmaid dress. I don't think Regina and Alexis have yet though. It would be too long to post, but David's Bridal has been really incompetent during all of this. Wish me luck.