Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello family!

Hi there everyone! So, last night we had a crazy electrical storm. I have never seen or heard such close lightening and thunder. It was lighting up the house and it was so loud! The dogs were terrified, Gypsy ran in and laid on Lilly's bed, I think to "protect" her, but it ended up just waking Lilly up. Anyway, we lost power, but it came back during the night so that is good.

So, I am finally on summer break. Halfway through! Woohoo! I need to work on a thesis this summer but for now I am just unwinding. Mandy's wedding is coming up and then Lilly leaves for a month to visit her Mom in San Diego.

All else is fine. Today is Lilly's last day of school. JJ is at work of course and he has gigs all weekend, so I'll see him at some point. That is about it, I am going to go eat something.