Friday, August 29, 2008

Week one done.

Good morning all. I have finished my first week in the grad program. There is going to be a lot of homework this semester. I have a couple different 25 page papers due throughout the semester, dealing with journal articles, you know the statistical scientific ones. My quantitative research methods class is going to involve reading a lot of those, as is my intro class.

I did have a moment of inspiration in the methods class though. We had to throw out ideas on what we would do our research proposal on. People were saying generic things like, gender communication, and mainly different types of workplace communication. I wanted to be original and suddenly all could think of was the above picture (edited for obvious reasons).

Of course, I didn't call it that, I said "anonymous communication, like on the Internet." My professor said "Yes!" and was very impressed with the idea. So that was nice, except that now I have to write a 25 page research proposal on Internet communication when there aren't really that many legitimate scientific sources to use.... so maybe it wasn't such a great idea. Oh well.

That is about all. I have to work at 11:30 today, an expo shift, which is basically organizing all the food that comes up for 8 servers and 48 tables from 4 different kitchen stations, all in different orders from the tickets I have to compare with. Yeah, it sucks. Then tomorrow I have a night bussing shift, and Sunday a night bar shift. So at least I have some variety. Hope all is well with everyone.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Hello family! JJ and I got back from Fort Bragg yesterday and we had the best time! It was relaxing and fun and altogether excellent.

I want to thank everyone again for not only coming up to Chico for the wedding, but for all the help I got, which was a lot.

Oh, I found JJ's wedding ring by the way. I had put in in the box where all my extra invitations were, because it was "wedding stuff." Sigh.

School starts Monday (well, Tuesday is my first class) and I did my Graduate Program Orientation today. So that came up fast!

Anyway, I need to go do some organizing. I also need to find my list of who gave us what presents, because that is going to be important for thanks you cards. I don't want to write, "Thanks so much for the (please insert gift here)." Love you all! I will blog more very soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Already Wednesday?!?!?!

Hello all. Time flies, it is already the 13th! The bad news is we should have gotten married last weekend, or any weekend for the last month, because the temperature is rising! Friday is going to be considerably hotter than Saturday according to the weather report, so if you come to the rehearsal and want to die, it should be better the next day. Plus I brilliantly scheduled the rehearsal at 4, which is a really hot part of the day here. I am pretty bummed that it just so happens this week is the second hottest all summer. Figures. I would be a lot more upset except that there is really nothing I can do about it. We will get through!

JJ and the boys just left for the bachelor party, a two night camping trip, complete with seadoos and beer, so they should have fun. Jordan, JJ's friend from San Diego, brought his wife up for the wedding, so she is going with them. All us girls were invited but I had too much to do and I don't really like to camp, so poor Carrie thought I was coming and she wouldn't be the only girl. But she is, and she looked slightly horrified. Poor thing.

Lillyanne started first grade today. She was very happy because it turns out one of the first grade teachers quit over the summer, so her Kindergarten teacher is now teaching a K-1st grade combo class, and Lilly is in her class again. Lilly LOVES Mrs. Penman, so it is good. Lilly hates change and this makes her have less of one. Of course, she is in first grade so her day is a lot longer, and she is now in an after school program instead of her old daycare, so there will be some changes. Plus Kindergarten was afternoon. Her whole schedule is changing so I am afraid she is going to be just exhausted on Saturday, but I guess that is what excessive and unhealthy amounts of caffeinated soda is for.

See you all very soon! Sorry the heat is going to be harsh, but we are having it late enough so that things should cool down quickly.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bachelorette Party

Well, the girls and I are heading for Tahoe in the morning and staying one night. It should be fun. For now, I am going to bed. See you all in a week! Wow!