Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Hello family, sorry it has been a while, but it is finally Thanksgiving Break! I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. I am bummed that Lillyanne won't be there but she is excited to see her mom.

I actually had a talk with Caelah yesterday, looks like she is moving back to Chico in January, sounds like she is serious. She sounded very with-it and realistic though. She isn't planning on blowing back into town like the hero, she sounded like she understood a lot more of what she has done than she ever has. She said she doesn't want to change Lilly's life drastically or anything, and that she just wants what is best for her and all that. So we'll see.

That is about all for now. My computer somehow got infected with some adware, so I keep getting popups and this is getting annoying. Jimmy got a new hard drive and he is giving his old one to Sean, who in turn is giving me his old one, which I need because mine is to small. So in the process of taking care of that, Jimmy and I are also going to reformat everything, so the timing is good.

See you soon!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Busy Busy

Hello family, sorry it was been a few days, but school has been really intense. JJ says I have been having meltdowns everyday, ha! Anyway, the "big" paper is turned in and I have my life back for a few days.

Today we aren't doing much (I have to work tonight though). We are going to take Reggie for a walk, there is a huge field near our house and he can run his little heart out. It is good because then he actually sleeps for a little while, and he looks so cute.

Lilly woke us up this morning by jumping on to the bed and insisting over and over again that JJ smelled like hot dogs. Not sure what that was about.

Looks like Mary, Michael and Peggy had a blast in Disneyland, what a great trip to take. We are hoping to bring Lilly there next year at tax return time, but with our schedules it may be hard, so we'll see.

That is about all I have right now. Hope everyone is doing well. I can't wait for Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Political Two Cents

Hello family. Yes, I do have pictures of Lilly on Halloween, and yes I will post them. But for now, I know we are not supposed to get political on these, but everyone else is, so here is my two cents on the election.

I do not get it. In the most liberal-winning election I have ever seen, Prop 8 passed.... what? How is that possible? Prop 4, the one for a waiting period on abortions, failed, but prop 8 passed. Therefore it cannot be just the Christian right, because if it was, 4 would have passed too. What about gay marriage is so terrifying to people? Why do people care about something that has no effect on them?

Can someone explain it to me? The only solid thing I have heard against gay marriage is that people feel it goes against the bible. If you are a hardcore believer in the bible, and your morals go against gay marriage.... well, OK, I disagree but I can not argue with people's religious beliefs, that is unfair. But it still doesn't explain what happened with prop 8, because prop 4 failed! So, in other words, there were more people OK with teens getting abortions without their parents knowing then gay people getting married! That makes no sense to me. I am pretty socially liberal, and pro-choice, but my point is that it makes no sense that prop 8 passed. No sense!

Do people really think that if gay people are allowed to get married that suddenly all of our children will "turn gay." Are we all SO tempted to be gay that all we are waiting for is permission? No! If you're gay you're gay and it has nothing to do with the government's views. Gay people will still exist, the same amount of them, whether they can get married or not.

"Protect marriage" it said. Against what? Does my marriage mean less because a gay couple also gets married? No! Marriage is two people committing themselves to each other. Why does gender play a part? If anyone reads this disagrees, please don't be offended, just EXPLAIN it to me. Isn't society past the point of at least blatant discrimination? If it is something other than blatant discrimination, please explain it to me. I don't get it. I would love a real, solid reason why this passed, because it makes no sense to me.