Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello hello!

Yes, another day, another blog. Told ya I was going to try and get better about it. Today I have a class at night, and call in for a day shift at work. So I have to call at 10 and see what my fate is. I need the money but I soooooo don't feel like going there today. I should hope to get called in. Since Friday is a parent/teacher conference day for Lilly so she has no school or after school program, so no one to watch her, and I wanted to be home to take her trick or treating, I took that day off. Plus we are required to wear costumes at work on Halloween which I think is really stupid, so jeez, sorry, guess I don't work that day.

My friend Jimmy is trying to compile a list of books to read. So if any of you can think of an all time favorite book of yours, let me know and I'll pass it on as a suggestion.

That is about all my family. I hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Morning

Hello all. Just saying hi, not much to report. Thank you for the pictures for Savanna, she is adorable! I cannot wait until Thanksgiving to see her and everyone else.

Lilly wanted to be Princess Leia for Halloween (she wanted the Hoth outfit), but we could not get it together in time (white snowsuits are hard to find, even online), so she decided to be a girl-pretty-vampire. Well, I liked Leia better myself, but JJ, who was a vampire for Halloween from ages 7-12, was happy with it.

Well, I am off to do some textbook/journal article reading. Joy oh joy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures of Savanna??

I must see some! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hello family! It has been a busy week, but I thought I should write a quick blog, even though the dog is laying under me and just let out the stinkiest dog fart ever and I feel I should be running from the room.

I had an exam today, which wasn't too bad, and I have two fairly big papers due in the next week. So Mary, APA.... hurray.

JJ just got home from band practice so I am going to go and say hello. I may go to the store, I am craving a sandwich....

Monday, October 13, 2008


So I had the most brutal exam of my life last week. It wasn't just, all of us in our small class completly losing our minds by the end of it. It was an essay exam on a computer. After almost three hours we had all typed about 10 pages. 10. Yeah. It was brutal. I am amazed I was able to keep that much information on my head. It was insane. Indescribable. The semester is really gearing up, lots of homework and reading and big projects due very soon.

Let's see, not much else to report. It is my day off so I am going to spend it doing homework and a little bit of housecleaning, but the house is actually pretty clean right now so I have just a few dishes. JJ has really started helping out with the cleaning, and with two of us, it has been a lot easier. Hope everyone is doing really well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vanilla Frosting

I love vanilla frosting. It is so tasty. I have leftovers from the cupcakes and I just eating spoonfuls.... I wonder why I keep gaining weight, it is weird.

Anyway, some sort of ode should be written to vanilla frosting. I am not sure how it would go.... something about sweet sugary yumminess I'd say.

Why is it that fattening food tastes so good? Why does it have to be that way? Why can't carrots taste like frosting, or frosting just be healthy? It is unfair....

I said to JJ one day, "Why is it some people stay so thin? It is not just metabolism, because I have a fast metabolism, they just eat less, and eat healthy food. How do they do this?"

"They just don't have a love affair with food," JJ answered. "Would you say a good meal is one of life's greatest pleasures?"

"Why, yes!" I replied.

"They don't feel that way," he said. "They only eat to stay alive and don't care about good-tasting food."

I don't get it. Really I don't. I think I am going to go have some more vanilla frosting.

Monday, October 6, 2008

All right! All right!

I have been very busy, but I guess if I have time to put stupid pictures on people's myspaces I have time to blog. So.... today I went for a walk in the park with Reggie, Mandy, her dog, and Lisa. It was nice because it wasn't too hot or cold out and the dogs had fun.

I also did a lot of homework because it is a big week. I have a paper due tomorrow, and midterm in my other class on Wednesday. There are only two exams for that class so it is a big deal.

I found the stupidest person alive on the Internet the other day. Watch this:
Really, worth it if you want to feel smarter than someone and also have your faith in humanity crushed. It is sort of a two-fer. It will also make the above picture make more sense.

Oh, I also gave Reggie a bath because he was really dirty and stinky after going to work with JJ this morning and the walk in the park. He had a big day, he is now immovably passed out.

Tomorrow I have school and work. I am going to tape the debates so I can watch them when I get home, so that should be interesting.

I am sleepy, gonna go hang out with JJ and read in bed soon. Blog ya later!