Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reggie's Family Reunion

Reggie with his mom (Minnie) and dad (Raider).
That is Reggie and his mom and the back of Dad's head.
Reggie's dad.
Reggie sniffing his dad.
Reggie chasing his dad.

Hello family! So the breeders that we bought Reggie from told JJ when he got him that they would love to see how their puppy grew up, so we took him over there today and boy were they thrilled! I got to see Reggie's parents and the breeders could not believe how big and beautiful Reggie is. They called him picture perfect and the guy looked so happy I thought he was going to burst.


Vicki said...

That is fantastic. That is a beautiful doggie, that Reggie. So, I guess he still has his, uh, boy things?
His parents are beautiful.
I dreamt you were on the tv program CSI and you were one of the cast members. It was very cool! Made me smile. You delivered your lines perfectly, and looked just beautiful, as usual. : )
thanks for the Reggie update, and by the way, how is ms. Lillyanne?

Mary said...

I had a dream that Valerie was at a book signing table and I had to wait in line to see her because the guard didn't believe I was her sister....but Gina was up in front of the line but wouldn't look at me when I called her name..

I kept believing she just couldn't hear me... and then I looked over to my side and Deepak Chopra was there and he said "snow dogs"

OK... lesson... I will not take restoril with nyquil.

Vicki said...

Mary, you crack me up