Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blog time

Hello family! Well, it is Spring Break. I am celebrating the first couple days of it by not doing any homework. Then I am going to spend the rest of it doing homework. But if I get done what I hope to it will make the last half of the semester much easier. My computer crashed right before a test last week, so I did not get to look at my notes one last time like I always do. It is frustrating because not only did I not get to look at the notes, but my OCD kicked in because, like I said, I ALWAYS do that. So hopefully I did alright. I know I didn't fail or anything like that, but I think I would have done better had I been able to fulfill my ritual note-check. Oh well. The computer is back up and running at least, thank God for Jimmy.

Reggie is now 10 months old and as much as we feel bad getting him fixed, it has to be done. We have already waited too long. So his appointment is Friday. Poor yellow dog. He is 81 pounds now and if he goes after a female I will not be able to stop him. He is too big and strong. And yellow.

Lilly is doing well. Her new favorite movies are "Snow Buddies" and "Space Buddies," and if you don not know what those are, just feel lucky. At least they aren't musicals. They are about Golden Retriever puppies that have adventures, which sounds cute and all, but Disney insisted on having one of the puppies, B-Dawg (sigh), sound all gangsta and it is just obnoxious. He is a puppy. It doesn't make sense. Really. Doesn't make sense. Yeah.

Well, I am getting an error message so this may not even publish. So, let's try!


Vicki said...

It all sounds good. Poor yellow dog!
Glad all is going so well for you.

Amanda said...

yay for spring break! Poor doggie!!
:( Relax as much as you can before you get back to the homework, haha, I'm still relaxing and mine is over. :(

Charise said...

I HATE B-DOG!!!!!!!

Vicki said...

I don't know B-Dog, but I hate him too. : ) YO

Mary said...

snip snip..

clip those bad boys..