Thursday, March 19, 2009

New blog

I really like the backgrounds Monica uses, so hopefully this is one she hasn't used yet and hopefully she doesn't mind I went to the same site. Also hopefully the text on the lime green isn't completely abrasive to read. Let me know. I'll change it at some point anyway.

So.... it isn't my fault! I was all set to have Reggie fixed tomorrow, but the vet office called me and my vet is sick so we had to postpone. Sigh. I had gotten myself all geared up and ready, and it needs to be done. But it isn't postponed for long, we are trying for next Thursday. So his Reggi-balls will be no more soon.

Spring Break is almost finished. It does mean we are halfway through the semester. Then it will be summer and Mandy's wedding will be here. God knows I have to lose some weight before then or I won't fit in my dress, I have reached an all-time weight high and I feel pretty gross.

Let's see.... I guess that is about it. I have today off work, so I am going to do homework, clean and walk the yellow dog. Hope you all are doing well.


Vicki said...

love your new page, and the lime green is cool beans.
You sound pretty rested, so thats good heading into the second half of the second semester.
Poor Reggie, his balls days are numbered.

Mary said...

A ball reprieve... or two ball reprieve.. either way.. he better lick them all week as a thank you..

congrats on your half way mark..everyday helps and celebrating any accomplishment towards the goal helps..

You should change your blog header to you, JJ, Lilly and Reggie.. before the balls are gone..

love ya

Amanda said...

haha i love the pic, and the background is cool.

Monica said...

i love the background, and nope ive never used it, and i think its awesome that you went to the same site!

glad to see you blogging!

lucky reggie! he better go we his wild oats this weekend before the vet starts feeling better!