Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am here!

Hello family! Yes yes sorry it has been so long, but I must point out that Steven's blog still says he is sure McCain is going to win the election. Anyway, I have had a lot going on. School has been brutal this semester. It is almost done! Woohoo! As you can see above, Lilly had a good Easter.

My precious dog is still.... well.... big. And fixed now. As you can probably tell, he has grown quite giant.

This is Gypsy. In case you don't know the story, Gypsy was JJ's dog when he was younger. He had to give her away to a friend when he and Caelah separated and the place he left her at seemed really good for a few years. Anyway, things apparently started going downhill for them and the dog because JJ just found out Gypsy was a 10-year-old dog that spent everyday alone, except for one person feeding her once a day. Her nails were so long her foot was infected, she was covered in ticks, she had a bladder/kidney infection, is extremely obese, and other ailments. So he felt terribly guilt, as you can imagine. So, of course, Gypsy lives with us now. After her vet visit, she perked up considerably and is very happy now. It is hard to see that here because apparently Gypsy is terrified of cameras and kept cowering and running from me. I wanted to get a picture of her and Reggie to show how small she is next to him, but I started feeling bad for forcing the camera on her because she was really upset. But she is sweet dog, or at least a spirited one. She tries to dominate Reggie, who allows it because he is such a sweet dog. Then he got fixed a few days after we got her, so I think his sleepiness made her feel even more empowered. At least she is letting him eat now.... Reggie is about twice as big as she is, and strong, but he won't be aggressive with her ever. He is a good boy. And she is very affectionate and happy to be here.

Another thing going on is that Mandy's wedding shower is going to be held here this Sunday. It has given us a good reason to get the yard cleaned up. These pictures are of some flowers we are planting. There are still garden impliments everywhere and things to finish cleaning, but this gives you sort of an idea anyway. What is a bummer is that it is forecasted to rain that day, which kind of messes up the plan of having it in the backyard. Hopefully it will hold off. Anyway, there, a blog! When school ends I will be less busy. And less sick. People in grad school apparently get sick a lot, because all of my classmates and I keep getting stupid colds and things. They put us in these tiny rooms with no windows, it is not surprising we keep getting each other sick. Pretty sure it is not the swine flu though. :)


Busby said...

The Techno-Viking deems your blog posting worthy.

Vicki said...

Ohhh, pretty flowers, the yard looks great.
Gypsy is so cute, and glad Reggie got fixed, although, I am sure he is not to pleased with it.
Hope you feel better soon,

Mary said...

two dogs? Holy crap!!

Lilly looks wonderful..

I miss you